You Are Enough

Business-Recharged-Live-Event-(NO)I grew up with people telling me I would never amount to anything! By guess what… They were right because I didn’t amount to anything… I amount to EVERYTHING & SO DO YOU!

Regardless of your background, story or situation June 27 will be the most AUTHENTIC conference that you will ever attend! We “ain’t” worried about what shoes you have on, what purse you carry or if you wearing a GUCCI suit fellas…. The only thing we are focused on is getting RECHARGED!!
Join us!

F – What They Say

shutterstock_237618796Yea they said that your blog would never get traffic.. But look at you now.. Being recognized by brands for reviews, they said your salon would never have a customer… But look at you now about to open your second location, they said you would never get a raise in corporate America..But look at you now with your corner office. They said you would never pass the LSAT for law school.. But look at you know on your way to making partner. They said you would never excel with WUN (wake up now- but look at you now with a team under your lead and growing, they said you could never be an author.. But look at you now getting interviews and 5 star reviews on your book, they said you couldn’t be a fabulous amazing mom and wife… But look at you now on your second beautiful child, they said you could never run 2 businesses but look at you now starting your third, they said you would never find love after your bad relationship ..but look at you now with the man of your dreams that adores and loves you dearly…

“F” what they say… Other people fears are not your reality and their opinions of you are none of your business! I see all of you on here doing big things and you INSPIRE ME! KEEP GOING!

If I Can Do It, So Can You!

Mack-(26)If I can do it, so can you. For those of you who do not know my background, I am completing my PhD in Family Research & Resiliency, a certified Nurse Practitioner, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Life-Coach. I don’t say that to boast, but I say that to encourage you. As long as you keep GOD in the mix, all things are possible. Oh and I am also the first in my family to graduate from college, grew up without a silver spoon, never had a man to fund my life and have worked hard as hell to be where I am at.

I have been through more than the ordinary woman and still stand strong in my faith and the one thing that I know is that as long as ANYONE believes that they are WORTHY of it and puts in THE WORK to get it, Consider it done. I have spent thousands on my education and personal development and continue to do so each day.

My friend asked me what my 2015 goals are… I said easy…1. To serve like I have never served before. 2. To volunteer and give back through organizations that I connect with on a larger scale. 3. Repeat.

For the longest time, I was worried about revealing too much for fear of hate and judgment, but I realize that is the only way to reach the people that GOD has called me to serve. I humbly write this in hope to inspire at least one woman or man to LIVE ON PURPOSE, WORK HARD ON PUPOSE AND CREATE YOUR IDEAL LIFE ON PURPOSE. STOP WAITING FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN AND GO MAKE IT HAPPEN YOURSELF.
I want to kick off 2015 in a major way by GIVING BACK THROUGH SERVICE!

I am offering a free 31 Days to Launch Your Business Coaching program ($397 Value) to the FIRST 5 people who inbox me who I have not worked with before! We are elevating here at The MACK Institute