Resume Services

shutterstock_126974384If you are having trouble finding a job, it’s imperative to ensure that your resume is professional and reflects your level of expertise. My clients have seen great success in their job hunt when having their resume and content re-done. My goal is to make it affordable for YOU!

Have your resume professionally completed or share this post if you know someone who needs this service.

Motivational Mondays

Motivational-Monday-Philisha-MackMotivational Monday is tomorrow at 10pm. I am BEYOND excited. We are just coming off getting recharged & Now I am soooo ready for some motivation.

For those of you who are NEW to the call. I host this call every Monday at 10pm as a way to serve. I give a juicy tip and the remainder of the call is for me to serve YOU! Bring your questions and good vibes and join us tomorrow at 10pm.

It is FREE. Click the link below to get your log-in details.


shutterstock_133490471Embracing your imperfections will allow you to embrace your true beauty! This is a shell and the essence of you counts from how you show up in the world and serve others.

It doesn’t matter the texture of your hair, size of your dress or size of your bank account. Tap in to what makes you smile on the inside and learn how to be the best at that one thing… When you do that with consistency (notice I didn’t say with perfection) that is when you will not only find success but it is when you will find happiness!

You can begin this journey by clearing out your mental space.

Clean up your social media friends, stop watching television, get plugged in spiritually, and get a life-coach (like me for example!) who is just as serious as you are about success!

The Queen has Spoken!
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Business Recharged

shutterstock_164213294I have been to countless amounts of conferences where I left feeling motivated, but did not have real “meat” to take back and put into action in my business.

When planning Business Recharged-The Live Event-June 27, 2015, the one thing that I focused on was ensuring that YOU walk away with information that will not only assist you in making leaps and bound in your business, but that you also walk away with strategies surrounding personal and professional development.

You see…the reality is that if our personal lives are a mess, than there is no way that our business can serve the way it should. The two work hand in hand.

So if you are scrolling through my timeline and happen to read this post, I want you to take a moment and just exhale. It does not matter how things are now in the moment in your business. Give yourself permission to ‘Get Recharged’.

The speakers and I are ready to pour into you the entire day on June 27.

If you know a man or woman that needs this….please share it with them. Purchase one ticket and get the second half-off.

We will sell out! Purchase Today!

PM Media Publishing


PM Media Publishing is on fire!!!!!

Ok, you guys may be like Philisha… What the heck are you up to now? Well ya’ll know me to well haha!

PM Media Publishing is under the umbrella of The Mack Institute. Some of you may not know, but I have been a ghost writer for a while now and have written for some of the top blog sites that many of of your read each day wink emoticon!

A lot of my clients have amazing stories that needed a voice, but often did it have the time or the knowledge to self- publish!

That is how PM Media Publishing was born!

But as The Queen of Content I even took things a step further and have engaged an amazing team that can also assist you with E-Books, Online Program Development & Digital Products!

There is a difference in being an author and a writer.

f you have a book inside of you, want to start a blog, or develop a kick a$$ program that is trademarked and copyrighted- schedule a 30 minute consultation- let me show you how PM Media could assist you in your endeavors.