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Philisha Mack is the Founder & CEO of The Mack Institute, a global content marketing and business and personal development company dedicated to assisting others to stand in their power and monetize their message. She is committed to helping entrepreneurs  all over the world to experience abundance, authenticity and success in all facets of their lives. Philisha has the unique ability to transform her audience while providing juicy content for a higher level of implementation and strategies.

Philisha is the author of Live Your Best Life Now-7 Steps to Become Your Own Boss, Steps to Truly Ignite Your Content and Marketing, Million Dollar Ideas Entrepreneur Success Journal and Business Recharged Workbook. She has been featured in numerous media outlets and is soon to be Dr. Mack as she prepares to finish her PhD in Family Research and Resilience. She has a minor in leadership and ethics and has taught as a clinical adjunct professor at Hampton University, Hampton, VA.


Philisha currently lives in Atlanta. When she is not creating content, coaching clients or hosting sold-out events, she is traveling, cooking, painting or spending time with her loved ones.


Philisha’s motto is “You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough.”


Philisha’s keynotes and workshops are inspiring, interactive and informative. She has designed her topics to ensure that all participants are able to take immediate action. The topics below can be delivered as a keynote, workshop, conference, breakout session, corporate/non-profit training or virtual webinar. Additional topics can be customized at your request.


Create Your Personalized Business Snap Shot and become the CEO of your Business.

Most business owners have a lot of great ideas, but may not know how to execute and monetize their passion. In this training, Philisha leads your group through her popular Business Snap Shot Course, where they will leave with clarity, understanding and a plan to execute their big next step.

To date, Philisha has taught this course for non-profit organizations, small business communities, virtual and live conferences, corporate entities and churches.

During this work-shop, you will discover:

  • Why it is so important to move beyond idea to implementation
  • A simple, yet effective way to gain clarity in your business
  • Philisha’s method for creating a fail- proof plan for business launch
  • How to design a business that fuels your soul and life-style.
  • Practical ways to prioritize your business and life.

Content Is King:

How can leaders thrive in the marketplace without focusing on consistency and creative content marketing and development? The simple answer is that they can’t and won’t. This interactive work-shop will assist organizations and more to create content that converts in the market-place. This workshop will show you how to tap into your authentic brand to strengthen your tribe and over serve in the process.


During this interactive workshop, you’ll:

  • Discover how to create a winning work plan to execute your desires.
  • Conduct an honest assessment that aligns with your content marketing needs
  • Identify a strong support system to navigate personal and professional challenges.
  • Explore strategies to focus on your content marketing message

Systems & Automation Boot Camp for Business Owners

As an entrepreneur, it is so important to stay connected to your core audience. Social media is the best platform to connect, network and collaborate with your core audience. The issue is that most business owners are not utilizing it to its fullest potential.

The good news is that this interactive workshop will dispel the myths, allow your audience to create a plan that will allow them to explode their social media while nurturing their audience.

During this workshop, you will discover:

  • The #1 Platform that your clients are on and how you need to show up
  • How to get clarity on your social media blueprint
  • How to set inspiring income goals based upon your social media initiatives
  • FB Ads

How to Write Your Book in 30 Days

Are you ready to transition from aspiring author to best selling author? This workshop will assist you to transition from having hobby of writing to becoming the author that you desire to be. If you are already an author or if your audience is a mix of both, the content will be customized to match your core audience.


During this workshop you will discover:

  • How to create an inspirational schedule to get your book done
  • The secret to shifting your mindset and eliminating beliefs that are holding you pack from becoming and author
  • 10 different streams of income that you can create base your passion, skills and experience
  • The 5 essential steps that you can use now get your book done


Do you love to teach and inspire others? Then you may be a natural coach and speaker! Here is the good news about coaching: As a coach and speaker, you can get paid to stand in your truth and share your message. If you desire to help others to change their lives, this workshop will show you exactly how you can make a big impact and earn great income in the process.

During this workshop you will discover:

  • Exactly how Philisha created multiple six-figure income and quit her day job to coach full-time.
  • How to change your mindset so that you can enjoy the impact, income and lifestyle that comes with being a coach and speaker
  • How to start charging what you are worth
  • How you can become a certified coach

If you are interested in hiring Philisha to speak at your next event, please click here to schedule an exploration call so that we can explore your options. 

Philisha is a certified executive trainer and life-coach.



Partial Client List

Philisha has worked successful with a variety of audiences including women’s organizations, nonprofits, businesses, associations, foundations, young professionals, groups, fellowship programs, and civic groups.

Below is a list of speaking clients:

MaxOut Group, Inc

FBLA-Future Business Leaders of America

Hampton University Pageant

Financial Services Plus, LLC

Faith of God Ministry

Maven Business Academy

Grant Hill Baptist Church

CEO Chicks

Atlanta Womens Day Shelter

I Am Woman Network

Planting Positive Seeds Non-Profit

Walk In Favor, Inc.

GinMan Consulting

Diva Wellness Network

Live and Thrive Health and Wellness

Graceful In Home Aging

Sumter Pro Fitness

I Am Woman Business Network

The Max Out Group


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