EP003: Queenie Johnson – Mindset Matters

Ms. Queenie Johnson, Celebrity Education Consultant, Leadership Expert and the brains behind MamaBeBrilliant. She believes that by helping moms unfold their brilliance, their children will have an impeccable model for what’s possible in their futures.Mama Be Brilliant is a leadership development agency helping Executive and Entrepreneurial moms develop their children, career and community impact. Her signature 8-week program, MamaBeBrilliant The Parenting Edition, helps moms build:

  • A strategic and limitless mindset and,
  • Develop personalized strategies to powerfully parent the innovator within their child. As a bonus, participants receive invite only access to Luxury Camp, an exclusive two-day live event where moms connect deeply with their soul’s purpose as a Brilliant Mama.
  • Queenie is the Go-to Education consultant for some of your favorite Hollywood stars. Her past list includes helping the children of Stevie Wonder, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richardson Cedric, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Omar Epps,Laura Govan and Gilbert Arenas, and Brandy Norwood. Moms often crave an outlet for their gifts and talents so Ms.Queenie offers her most requested program, Make Your Creative Dreams Real, where moms learn how to get out of their own way, unmute their brilliance and build their leadership platform. Her clients have published books, developed products, and increased sales by 200% Find Queenie at www.MamaBeBrilliant.com .