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In Just 5 Weeks…Learn Exactly How to Create Juicy Content that Sells, Create an Authentic Online Brand and Build a Business That Allows You to serve others through unlocking your genius while making money!


Does this sound like you?

  • You know that you have a PROFOUND message but don’t understand how to sell it
  •  You know you need to build your platform with an online presence, but you just don’tknow where to start
  • You’ve already started a business but feel like your message is not clear
  • You are ready to launch your business or take your business to the next level, but feel overwhelmed with the process and end up not taking action
  •  You want to serve in the most authentic way to your tribe but want to make money doing so

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, then allow me to take you “behind the scenes” for a moment and share my journey with you…

Here is some brief insight about my journey and how AMAZING things started happening when I said YES to PLAYING BIG!

I started a fabulous salon in Marietta, GA with the intent to bring women together to foster woman empowerment through a beauty brand, Preeminence Salon & Boutique, LLC. I have dealt with so many ups and downs in my business and life in general and was constantly meeting young women and men who wanted to PLAY BIG but did not know where to begin. I am passionate about helping others achieve their personal and professional goals. I created The Mack Institute, to focus on Mentoring through Achievement, Coaching & Applied Knowledge.

It is my goal to assist you in living your best life now!

I wrote and published my first book, to assist individuals to launch their business with 7 easy steps.

I have created multiple programs and coaching products focused on personal and professional development.


 Now WHY does any of this matter?

Because if I can do it, SO CAN YOU!

And I want to show YOU exactly how you can create these same results for yourself!

Throughout my journey, the one that that has been imperative to my success is content development and creation. Content is King!

I have created a 30 Day Course that will walk you through a systematic approach to create juicy content that sells while you sleep or vacation!

If you know that now is the time for YOU to take that leap and start your business, publish your book, create juicy content that sells, or embark on a personal and professional journey then please join me inside The Mack Institute. I’ll be teaching you everything I know about building your online presence – from content development, marketing, branding to traffic to list-building to monetization – and answering all your questions along the way.


In just 5 weeks, you will learn exactly how to create juicy content that sells while you sleep!

Module 1: Content Basics

The main challenge that many entrepreneurs and creative are faced with is not knowing what their message is and who it is targeted too. In module one, I provide you with thought-provoking exercises that produces clarity surrounding your targeted audience as well as how to create juicy content that serves your specific niche

In this module, you will discover:

  • who your target market it
  • clear focus on your niche
  • a step-by-step formula for writing an engaging “about page” for your website
  • what critical information you must include in your message to your targeted audience

Module 2: Content 101

Content is king. With so much noise all over the internet, it is imperative that you stand out and have a strong online presence that speaks to your tribe. This module will help you understand the basics of content creation and development that is branded to meet the needs of your targeted market.

In this module, you will discover:

  • how to connect with your targeted audience and grab their attention
  • the 3 mistakes that you NEVER want to make when embarking upon content creation
  • how to come up with eye catching blog titles and email titles that promote engagement and social media sharing
  • a content development template that assists you in avoiding writers block and assists in organizing your thoughts
  • tools to consistently keep you organized while creating content that sells

Module 3: Laser Content Creation

Once you have the basics down to create juicy content. The fun begins, where you start creating content that shares your genius with the world. There is nothing worse than having a powerful message that you are not able to share. With all of the responsibilities and time constraints that we have, it is important to be able to create juicy content but not taking years to do so. Who has time for that, I know that I don’t. This module focuses on laser content creation.

In this module, you will discover:

  • understanding how to repurpose content
  • mind mapping strategies for content creation
  • how to use your social media platform to create content
  • how to create juicy content over and over again from your current resources
  • content organization

Module 4: Resources

Resources are invaluable when you are focusing on content creation and development. This is the difference between spending countless hours and money with content creation and having a business that flourishes while maintaining balance in your life. I am a big advocate for working in your business and not on your business and this module will show you how to do just that.

In this module, you will discover:

  • the easiest way to use your blog to grow your email list each and every week
  • why it’s so important to build your email list right from the beginning, instead of waiting until your blog is “established”
  • resources that have been invaluable to my business and success
  • resources that will assist you in creating content

Module 5: Monetization

Now that you have an understanding of content development, how to be proficient content creation and a list of resources to assist you along your way, it is time to start making money honey! Well, before you can start earning an income, there are some simple, yet critical tools you need to be ready to receive new clients and customers. This module will show you exactly how to strategize content development and set yourself up for online monetization opportunities.

In this module, you will discover:

  • the essential tools you need to have in place before you can start earning money from packaging your genius
  • how to write powerful product descriptions that sell
  • how to start selling products and services through your website (and what it really means to make money while you sleep!)
  • easy ways to accept money and automate transactions


Here’s Everything You Get When You Join the Content Development 101 Home study Course:

~ 5 Training Webinar Recordings in Video & PDF Format! (Valued at more than $1,800)

Each webinar will be 90 minutes and will be delivered directly to your email for you to watch at your convenience in the comfort of your home. You will also get the PDF versions of the presentation prior to receiving the webinar recording to print out and take copious notes.

~ 5 Action Guides Accompanied by Weekly Homework Assignments (valued at more than $500)

You will use these PDF guides during the webinars and they will walk you step-by-step through the processes that will help you create juicy content Each guide contains relevant resources and a specific homework assignment to ensure you make progress every single week!

This will be a 2-day high-level training and networking event where you can experience the loving spirit of the business women in our community and be fully supported in building your business! When you attend my Content Development LIVE 2-Day Boot Camp, you will get the chance to learn from me directly and be in community with dozens of like-minded entrepreneurs. I will walk you, step by step, through each of the training modules in person so that you can implement what you’ve learned and ask questions right there at the event! This transformational training focuses on giving you a deeper understanding of my content development, but will go in depth into Launching Your Business~ based off of my Program 30 Days to Launch Your Business.”


Yes, Philisha! I’m ready to take advantage of this opportunity!

I understand that I will receive:

  1. Philisha’s complete Content Development 101 training, delivered through 5 training modules
  2. All the webinar recordings and transcripts in PDF, video format that I can access from my computer, laptop, iPod or mobile device
  3. Printable PDF Action Guides with all the presentation slides, perfect for taking notes on as I listen to the trainings!
  4. Templates, checklists and worksheets that will help me take immediate action on what I learn in the course – including Philisha’s Resource List and Content Mapping Tool for Laser Content Creation
  5. Access to Philisha’s via email (2 emails) to answer questions while you move through the modules – priceless

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